MOUTH WASH - benefits, side effects. Best time to use mouth wash?

Oral care is a part of your day to day routine. Brushing your teeth highly recommended to be the first thing you perform after getting up from bed. Whether you believe it or not, MOUTH WASH is an important part of oral hygiene. Dentists all round the world focus on regular use of mouth wash on regular basis. DID YOU KNOW? You might be using mouth wash at the wrong time! Stick till the end of the post in order to know when you should use a mouth wash! & WHY !!! BENEFITS OF MOUTH WASH So far not just one but multiple studies have been conducted to identify the benefits of adding mouth wash as apart of our daily regimen. It has been found that, on adding mouth wash in to the regular routine of tooth brushing and tongue cleaning, reduced bad breathe in 2 to 4 weeks . More benefits was seen when mouth wash for a longer period.   Bad breath can be due to many reasons. It might be due to accumulation of plaque, gingivitis or left over food between the teeth. People using mouth wash were

POST COVID syndrome !!! How bad is it??


Corona, believed to be a disease of lungs, has been consistently showing its multiple colours over the time.

First, it was found that it not only your lungs, but also your HEART, KIDNEY, LIVER and can also lead to multiple organ failure. 
Today, the patients who have recovered from corona state that, even after getting tested negative and staying in quaratine, they dont feel completely fit to the level of their previous level of fitness.


Post covid pateints have noted symptoms similar to CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME and MYALGIC ENCEPHALITIS. These symptoms include-

  • Persistent Fatigue (60-7%) 
  • Diffuse Myalgia (muscle weakness) 
  • mild to moderate Depressive symptoms 
  • Sleep problems (30.8%) such as - .
    • difficulty in sleeping
    • sleep disturbances
    • more fatigue post sleep
    • more muscle pain pre and post sleep 
  • Breathlessness on minimal activities(42%- 65%), 
  • loss of memory (34%), 
  • loss of concentration (28%) 
  • Psychological distress (23%-47%)

In one of the questionare based research study, POST COVID patients scored quite close to patients suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.
When the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT of post covid patients was measured, it was seen that a drop of approximately 68% and 45% was found in ICU patients and non-ICU patients respectively. Meaning, there was decreased capacity to connect with surrounding environment emotionally.

Have you come across any such symptoms post corona?

I will be pleased to hear your story. 

Type them in the comment section below !!


Not much difference was noted in the severity of these symptoms between ICU and non-ICU patients. 
So you can't expect to have less post covid syndrome symptoms even if you had less severe covid symptoms.


I have come across studies, stating they encounterd the above mentioned symptoms in patients even after 71 to110 days after admission. Hence, these symptoms do stay with us in the long run !!

HOW does corona bring such symptoms?

Well, the reason is unknown. But there are certain theories which are based on findings noted in post mortem reports of covid patients.

It is thought that covid virus might have crossed blood brain barrier into hypothalamus via the olactory pathway or through the lymphatics via perivascular spaces along olfactory nerves through the cribriform plate into nasal mucosa. 
If the above mentioned theory is true,then it may also be the reason why covid causes anosmia.

Nothing can be concluded, untill more studies are done and we have more conclusive findings.


Some doctors, experts and scientist who have seen such patients now have suggestions of estabiishing rehabilitation programs for post covid patients suffering from such symptoms for their better and speedy recovery.


Covid has already taken heavy toll on the health care system and economy of many countries all round the world.
Managing post covid syndrome cases will place additional burden on already suffering healthcare system.

Do you think the virus that kills a person, is also capable of spreading after the person's DEATH?
Check out more details here !👇

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